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H. Jackson Brown Jr

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Financial Planning is the life-long process of managing your finances prudently and smartly to help achieve your goals and dreams. At the same time, you’ll be preparing yourself to navigate the financial obstacles that will inevitably occur at any, or even every stage of life. It pays to take financial advice.

Financial Planning helps you determine your short and long-term financial goals, as well as create a balanced plan to meet those goals. It helps you not only to identify the key responsibilities you have to yourself and family in managing your finances, but also helps in understanding the timing, detail and the importance of each element of earning and protecting money – whilst also enjoying it too. Typically, the plan will encapsulate how to make the best use of your income and the cashflow and capital associated with it, all of which will affect the security of your family and the standard of living they can expect and must adhere to.

It would also highlight investments and savings opportunities, providing you with a sound understanding of your financial position and what can be achieved in relation to your wealth level. Remember, this should not be allowed to become a one-off exercise, as circumstances change. It is essential that your financial planning becomes an ongoing habit.

The first step would be to meet up with an adviser and be prepared to bare all things financial during a fact find. The stages of planning are then completed together via the following 3 stages:

Within this section of the website, on our forthcoming blog, and throughout our Life Events Timeline, you will find links to our short guides on: Financial Planning for your family, establishing Goals and Objectives, Income Tax Planning, Risk Management and Insurance, Cash Flow, Wills, Inheritance, Divorce, Choosing a Mortgage as well as a variety of other key aspects of managing your finances throughout your life.



Together we need to prioritise your financial life according to your goals and aspirations. This will include details on Health, Lifestyle, Assets & Liabilities as well as Income & Expenditure so that we can accurately and realistically advise how you can achieve your goals.

Analyse & Plan

We analyse your answers and recommend a plan to help you reach your expectations and goals, to stop you from making decisions based on fear and determine the order of your major life steps. The agreed plan can then be implemented…until the next  time.


Financial Planning is a long game! We will provide regular reviews to help identify what’s working for you, and what is not, because things can change in a matter of months and even days sometimes! Your plan will be a living, breathing and moving feast, and we’ll share the journey!

With Revolutionary Thinking, we can plan your designs and plot your course together

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.”
Abraham Lincoln

The Tavistock Group manages the personal wealth of tens of thousands of people and over £1Billion of investments, providing them with financial advice and access to investment products and services.

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Expert Independent Financial Advisers

Your dedicated adviser will enhance your investment decision-making, to help you manage risk within your prescribed and agreed parameters. This ensures deployment of your wealth, whatever the level, to meet your objectives, with regular updates and communications keeping you in control of your Finances, your life and help you to a bright and prosperous future.


The steps we undertake with you will include discovery, setting goals, contingency planning, saving expectations, asset building, tracking & monitoring performance and creating an exit strategy.

It is important to set and reach realistic financial goals. A long-term financial plan is designed to help you reach long-term goals but it will also give you focus for short-term goals too, all of which in turn can help to set yourself up to win as well as manage your money, responsibly and effectively, the key to lasting success.

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