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Managing finances isn’t easy. If it were, we’d all be financial wizards.  

Knowing how to look after your hard earned income gives it the best chance to grow and build your wealth; but that doesn’t happen overnight. Tended well and lovingly, it can grow into a sturdy and lasting shelter from the toughest of storms.


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Revolutionary Thinking

Tavistock Partners (UK) provides an extensive range of specialist financial management, financial planning and tax saving opportunities tailored to your personal circumstances and requirements. You’ll receive expert, independent advice and support across a wide variety of areas shown below – all designed to help you achieve your lifestyle ambitions and goals delivered by our highly qualified staff. 

Life throws up surprises with alarming regularity. None of us has a crystal ball to warn when these things may happen, so the only solution is to develop and manage a plan to help you cope with nasty surprises whilst ensuring you grow your wealth to achieve your goals and dreams. As the old line goes: “Fail to prepare and you must prepare to fail”.

Similarly, our corporate team are also able to deliver the financial tools to help your business attract, engage and retain valuable people, to make sure they continue to contribute to success.

With complex regulation, increasing expectations for employee benefits, and recent changes to pension legislation, there’s a lot of pressure on HR departments. Ask your adviser about the possible rates employees would also receive by becoming a client of Tavistock.

Without communication, there is no relationship. Without respect, there is no rapport.
Without trust, there’s no reason to continue.

“The best way to find out if you can trust somebody, is to trust them.”

Ernest Hemingway

Planning long term:

Planning your financial future is not a one-off task, but one that needs initial and ongoing planning and managing – it’s for the long term. It then allows you to focus on living your life, doing the things you want to do when you want to do them, whilst we focus on making sure your financial plan can facilitate your goals and dreams for that long term, and maybe find a bit of magic!

Financial planning

Tavistock Partners (UK) are an independent Financial Planning and Advice Business servicing clients of any level of wealth with the interests of their clients at the heart of every piece of advice provided.

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With our main office based out of Hereford, we can cover the whole of the UK. So no matter where you are located, we will have a fully qualified Independent Financial Adviser covering your area.

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Our range of services cover all stages in life:










Financial Planning

The life-long process of managing your finances prudently and smartly to help achieve your goals and dreams, while preparing you to navigate the financial obstacles that will inevitably occur at any, or even every stage of life.

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Investment PLANNING

The process of managing your investments and money. We all understand that the value of investments can go down as well as up, so impartial advice from the outset is essential to a sound investment. A good strategy will diversify your portfolio according to your ‘Attitude To Risk’.

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HOMES AND mortgages

The key element to buying property is to know what is affordable, whatever your income level, and takes careful planning and organisation. The first step to control of what you can borrow is a budget plan. Whether for your home or even a buy-to-let, making sure you can achieve the best deal is essential.

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You decide how you spend your money and where to invest, and if it changes after death. Planning a will can help minimise the amount of tax you pay on the assets you leave your family. You can pass on more of your assets, paying less tax.

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retirement & Pensions

The process of working out how much you need to save now, then managing savings and investments to enable you to live your dreams, and spend your time how you want by putting a plan in place to cater for your life after you finish working.

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small Businesses

The process that can enable you to give cash, property or investments to someone else so they can look after them for the benefit of a third person. Provided certain conditions are satisfied, it may not count towards your Inheritance Tax bill when you die.

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Here to help you navigate your journey

The Tavistock Ethos

The ethos of the Tavistock Investments Group is founded on traditional values – honour, vigilance and dependability – enhanced by the relentless pursuit of excellence and improvement in every aspect of what we do.

Your best interests are at the core of everything that we and our advisers do on your behalf. We believe it’s our ability to build strong relationships with clients that is key to success for both.

Revolutionary Thinking opens new doors
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We believe in acting as if what we do makes a difference, because it does. It helps everyone to be the best they can be, and that is our goal.

We want every person in our business to pursue improvement in every aspect of what we do, continually looking for ways we could become better.

This approach applied to our financial advice ensures that we deliver the best solutions to suit your circumstances and that your needs will always be at the heart of everything we do.

That’s Revolutionary Thinking.

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